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A New Record

January 1, 2010

I can check stats on my blog, as I suppose the owner of any blog can.  There’s a fancypants graph that shows how many hits the blog gets per day.  Some days I get one, or ten, or it shoots through the roof to sixteen.  The traveling quilt was a record-setter with ninety-something, probably thanks to Kari, the recipient of the quilt.  I like to look at my little chart to see what I wrote that might have piqued the interest of my loyal three readers. 

Everybody loves the Lawtons apparently.  I was showing the blog to my BabyGirl on Wednesday, and I was chattering on.  Look, here’s Bob-ra, look, here’s a funny picture of Georgia, look, here’s Mr. Aureus, look, here’s my stat pages ohmygoodness it’s TWOHUNDRED.  By the end of the evening, it was at two hundred and ten. 

Simba, I know it was you.  All you.