Lawtonfest, Part 5, at Bonaventure

I might have boogeredup the last two pictures of the last post of Lawtonfest, Part 4.  The next two pictures might be misplaced, and should be switched out with the last two.  Anyway, I confess I’m confused.  There you have it.  I’ll go back someday to Bonaventure and either confirm or deny my picture arrangement.

So.  There are two more grave markers in the central area.  But don’t relax yet- there are lots more throughout the plot.  Here we go.

Elizabeth Shotter Lawton, 1886-1956

Spencer Lawton, 1918-1999

Unless I have my facts confused again, Spencer Lawton has a son, also named Spencer Lawton, who is a Savannah attorney who was in “The Book” (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil).

A small grave covered in ivy is also in the front right corner of the plot.  The marker is missing.  Not sure what that means.  Broken or stolen?

A child’s grave

In the front left corner is a magnificent memorial to Corinne Elliott Lawton.

Corinne Elliott Lawton. (Do y’all see Sugar in the background??)

There are horizontal grave markers to the rear of this monument, which would place them in the left rear of the plot.  More Lawtons, as luck would have it.

Henry C. Cunningham, April 5th 1842 – May 9th 1917

Who was Henry C. Cunningham?  Funny you should ask.  He married a Lawton.

Nora Lawton, wife of Henry C. Cunningham. March 1st 1855 – April 4th 1943.

And here’s their daughter Sarah.  Once upon a time, many years ago when Sugar was visiting his grandmother Leslie Basinger Lawton in Savannah, Sarah asked if he would call on her.  He did, and she presented him with two candlesticks.  He still has them.  Sarah never married, and so never had children to pass on family items.

Sarah Alexander Cunningham, April 26th 1887 – June 9th 1976

Louisa Frederika Lawton, wife of Leonard Covington Mackall, June 9th 1849 – August 26th 1925

Louisa and Leonard had two sons, Leonard Leopold Mackall who never married, and (Alexander) Lawton Mackall who married Ruth McMillan.  A daughter was also born to them – Corinne Lawton Mackall became Mrs. Gari Melchers, this courtesy of

Lawton Mackall and wife Ruth McMillan

Leonard Leopold Mackall

I don’t know how these Jones folks fit into the mix, but they’re in the Lawton plot, so here they are.

Lee Jones and Robert A. Jones

That’s it for the A. R. Lawton plot at Bonaventure.  However, we stepped over to the river and took a few shots.

Sugar contemplates the river.

I block one of the radio towers in the distance.

A blue heron is in the dead center of the next picture.  Unfortunately, it is too far away to be clear.  I swear it’s a blue heron at the edge of the marsh.

Look! A blue heron!

Let’s pan left to right now.

The embankment has been reinforced.

More panning. More river.

This last panned shot shows the lane that ends at an inlet of the river. We’re on a bit of a promontory.

It was a good day.




11 Responses to “Lawtonfest, Part 5, at Bonaventure”

  1. Simba Says:

    Corinne Mackall married Gari Melchers a well-known painter. She was his subject for several of his works.
    Ruth, thank you ever so much for doing the legwork taking these photos, and then following up by posting them for the whole world to see.
    I’ve stolen a lot of them. Thank you.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Stinkin’ Lawtons. I need a nap. You’re welcome.
      How about this – I make a sign and stand on the street corner. “Will make pictures of Lawtons for food.” Whaddya think?


  2. Becky Says:

    LAW, (you did take a) TON of LAWTON Pictures!!


  3. Simba Says:

    Ruth, Be careful of what offers you may get while standing on that street corner. You might blush. I don’t know as anyone will want pictures of Lawtons for food. Most will want something more substantial to eat, like pizza or something.
    Becky, Well now, aren’t you just the cutesy little poet tonight?
    Happy New Year All!


  4. Becky Says:

    Yes, Simba, what Ruth said!! There’s a new pen in town! Meet me at the blogsphere corral at high noon, mister!


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