Lawtonfest, Part 3, at Bonaventure

Bonaventure Cemetery entrance

The office to the right of the gate

Sugar’s mother’s mother was a Basinger.  The Basinger family plot is in Bonaventure. 

The entrance stone for the plot

Each plot is outlined by some sort of framework.  It might be granite or marble or decorative fencing. 

The plot

The picture above is the marker for William Starr Basinger (BASS-sin-juhr) and his wife Margaret Roane Garnett Basinger.  They are yet another set of Sugar’s great-grandparents.  The man has more great-grandparents than most people.  I swear.  Some people get all the luck. 

Another Confederate States of America marker, this one for William Starr Basinger, who also wrote a book of reminiscences.

William and Margaret had a nice sized family.  Some of their offspring are buried here.

Here's James Garnett Basinger, husband of Nannie Screven Basinger.

Here's William Starr Basinger.

Here's Leslie Basinger Lawton, Sugar's mother's mother

Leslie Basinger Lawton lived into her nineties in her home on Taylor Street in Savannah.  Her husband was Edward Lawton who ran sugar plantations in Puerto Rico. 

Here's Thomas Garnett Basinger.

There were a couple more siblings that are not buried in Savannah.

Margaret Lawton Garrard, Sugar's mother's sister

A Christmas poinsettia for a mother. This is Genevieve Lawton Bateson, Sugar's mother.

Here’s a sad one.  The next picture is Sugar’s twin brother, Richard or Richie, who was killed in a childhood accident.

Richard Humphreys Bateson, Sugar's twin and older brother

That’s about it for tonight.  There’s a set of Lawtons in this cemetery closer to the river.  That will have to be Lawtonfest, Part 4.

Until then, here’s a teaser shot of the river…

Time flows on like the river.

I made over 100 photos.  What was I thinking?


2 Responses to “Lawtonfest, Part 3, at Bonaventure”

  1. Simba Says:

    I suppose one has to be a bit insane to like to roam through cemeteries taking pictures and just gawking in general, but I like to do it. I’ve never noted cemeteries quite like these though. They make me think of ancient ruins somewhere in a foreign land somehow. Sugar appears to be in an intense mood of contemplation. Beautiful setting.


  2. The Savannah Volunteer Guards, Organized 1802 « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] by marriage and a Basinger (BASS-sin-jer) by birth.  Mary Leslie Basinger Lawton’s father William Starr Basinger was a Savannah attorney who served in the Civil War in the Savannah Volunteer […]


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