Lawtonfest, Part 2

Danger Will Robinson!  Your computer might explode from photo-goodness!
Here’s more detail of the Lawton-Jones mausoleum.  Skip over this part if you don’t want to see close-ups of brick and marble.

From the side rear

From the other rear corner

Roof detail

Corner foundation and support

Hey! A corner!

Crape myrtles choking with spanish moss

We look back as we leave, panning from left to right.

Panning left to right, 2 of 3 photos

Panning left to right, 3 of 3 photos

Now on to the Confederate Memorial, here in the same cemetery, Laurel Grove. 

The main statuary

"To the Confederate Dead" on the base of the statue


"Tread lightly for each man bequeathed, 'Ere placed beneath the sod, His ashes to his native land, His gallant soul to God."

On the rear of the base

"On Fame's eternal camping ground, Their silent tents are spread, And Glory guards with silent round, The Bivouac of the Dead."

And now the men…

Panning left to right

Panning left to right, 2 of 3 photos

3 of 3. You can see the statuary in the distance.

A memorial flagpole

The flag atop the pole hung slack.  Then a breeze magically came along and the flag unfurled.

The flag at rest

The sky was an amazing blue. Red, white, and blue. Hear the flag pop in the wind?

And now on to Bonaventure…


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