A Post-Christmas Lawtonfest Post

Warning:  This post is photo-heavy…
Sugar wanted to take poinsettias to his mother’s and his cousin’s graves in Savannah, GA.  We planned to go on Christmas day, but rain came on and off all day.  Today was picture-perfect for touring graveyards.

First we went to see his Cousin Margaret at Laurel Grove.  Margaret’s mother and Sugar’s mother were Lawton sisters.

Laurel Grove Cemetery

The office to the right of the gate

Gate Detail

Gate post detail

I cannot take my RV to this cemetery

Entry Lane

Cousin Margaret claimed the last spot in a mausoleum.  When she passed away, Sugar assisted with the arrangements.  A key had to be made for the marble door – you’ll see pictures of that soon, but don’t get creeped out – it’s not possible to go inside.  Sugar’s great-grandfather, William Seabrook Lawton has a memorial in front of the mausoleum – you’ll see pictures soon, too.  First the shot of the mausoleum.  It’s rather grand. 

The approach

The facade. "Jones 1859" and under that "Lawton".

Facade detail

Poinsettia by Sugar

William Seabrook Lawton & wife Elizabeth Jones Lawton. "THEIR CHILDREN SHALL ARISE UP AND CALL THEM BLESSED."

Detail of memorial

A "Confederate States of America" grave marker to the right of the door

The marble door

The keyhole

The mausoleum is full, but there are burial spaces left around the building inside the fencing.  The last time we were here, the gate was almost nonfunctional from time and rust.  Today we find that it has been removed.

The pegs remain if you'd like to hang another gate.

Emily Augusta Lawton

Inside the fence

A Lawton descendant

Another Lawton descendant

The wife of a Lawton descendant

There was a caterpillar on the gate post standing guard.

Shouldn't Mr. Caterpillar be in a cocoon?

Just chillin'

We haven’t even finished with this cemetery.  There’s an interesting Civil War memorial, and then we’ll go on to Bonaventure, the site of the Book, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, where Sugar’s mother is buried.  I’ll make separate posts for all that.  Lots of photos to follow, and I don’t want your computer to explode with all the cemetery excitement.

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7 Responses to “A Post-Christmas Lawtonfest Post”

  1. denoriot Says:

    what a beautiful place to be laid to rest.


  2. Simba Says:

    This is truly a beautiful resting place. It appears so serene, tranquil, and wondrous. But more than that, for what it is worth, I want to thank you for recording these final resting places for all of the future. Even if some disaster were to ever destroy this beautiful spot, someone somewhere will yet have these photo remembrances electronically stored. I assure you I have most of them recorded.


  3. Becky Says:

    Yes, there is lots of excitement to behold. Thanks for keeping our computers from exploding by staggering the visuals. Love the mausoleum architecture, the quote “their children shall arise up and call them blessed” and the atmosphere there. Sis-in-law honeymooned in Savannah and loved it. I enjoyed the book and movie “Midnight in the G. of G. and E.” and am jealous that Sugar has his mama buried there. Your collective lives are good, honey!


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