Drug House Gone

Tuesday evening, 12/22/09

I returned home Tuesday evening after ranting the day before about the property across the street.  The drug house was almost completely destroyed!  One corner stood.

What the heck?

While I was standing there with my mouth dropped open gazing across the street, a man drove up in a white pickup.  He got out and started taking pictures with his cell phone of the razed lot and the heavy equipment.  I recognized the look.  I did the same thing when my septic tank and well were being installed. 

I called out, nonchalantly, “Hey.  What’s going on over there?”  He said, “I’m building a house.”  I said, “Great!”  He didn’t offer any more information to the crazy white woman hiding her camera behind her back.

Mr. Kobelco rests between rounds

So.  There you have it.  Someone is building across the street.  They removed every stinkin’ tree except one.


4 Responses to “Drug House Gone”

  1. Simba Says:

    I could be wrong, but it is likely this will be a neighborhood improvement. Now you can be President of the Neighborhood Improvement Society. You have the right to be appointed by virtue of emminent domain. You can tell him that means you’ve lived there at least 24 hours longer than him. Hopefully he won’t guess it really doesn’t mean that. As President you will be allowed to watch all phases of the new construction, sort of like a building inspector. The difference is that you can’t be held accountable if mistakes are made. You just get to observe.


  2. denoriot Says:

    You have more action down there 🙂


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