News Flash – Baby Thrown Out with Bathwater

BigSis, circa 1943

This little shot was taken behind Grandma’s house.  I recognize what she called the pump house, made of brick with a slanted wooden roof.  She has wrapped her exposed pipes to protect them from freezing. 

Once again, I learn something new from old photos.  I did not know that anyone in our family had chickens.  The concrete pad to the left is the entrance to the smokehouse.  Grandma kept her home-canned goods stored there.  Green and shelley beans, tomatoes, and peaches were her standards. 

Now I’m hungry again.

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3 Responses to “News Flash – Baby Thrown Out with Bathwater”

  1. Simba Says:

    Shoulda kept the dish, it seems to have some value.


  2. ruthrawls Says:

    I might still have that dish…


  3. denoriot Says:

    There is a pic of all of us in some type of dish or tub bathing in TN 🙂


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