BigBroSteve – Christmas @ Grandma’s, 1953

BigBroSteve, December 1953

Future cowboy Steve is at Grandma Packett’s celebrating Christmas in 1953.  He’s about 7 1/2 months old here.  He was a big baby.  Mom said she started feeding strained meats to him when he was 6 weeks old because he was so hungry.  He wasn’t filling up on formula and cereal, so right to strained meats.  Doesn’t sound particularly appetizing, but apparently that did the trick.  A tired mother does what she has to do.

BigBroSteve gives his hand-on seal of approval

Grandma had that TV for years until she got a color one.  There’s the old floor model radio to the right of the tree.  On the corner hutch I see a picture of Millard James “Big Jim” Packett, who was Grandma’s oldest son.  The floor looks like it has a linoleum rug.  Back in the day rugs weren’t just made of fiber, they could be made of handsome linoleum which was easily cleaned.  It looks like someone put down a baby blankie for little Stevie to sit on so he wouldn’t get cold on the handsome linoleum floor.  If truth be known, Grandma probably has a roaring coal fire in the fireplace, and the room was hot as blazes. 

I appreciate not having to handle coal for heating the RV.  After all, I have Mr. Seabreeze Thermaflo, the hot Canadian.

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