Owl Tree Gallery in Lenoir City, TN

Do you Facebook?  Or should I say do you FB??

I resisted the lure of Facebook.  Until an old friend from high school invited me to be his “friend”.  Seemed reasonably harmless.  Then a few more folks joined in.  Who knew?  Won’t you be my friend??

One of the early friends was a woman that I had not seen since she graduated in 1973.  It turns out that she now owns a gallery in my hometown of Lenoir City.  Yup, Lenoir City, historic Lenoir City now has a gallery of art and handcrafts, the Owl Tree Gallery.  You can check it out at  http://www.owltreegallery.com/.  I asked her if I could send some of my knitted-and-felted items for her approval.  She said yes.

"Daisy" purse

"Packett" backpack style purse

"Toppin" hat

She sold an item immediately.  Then another.  And now another. 

I’m a bit stunned.  I hope the reason for sales is not just the Christmas season.  If that’s the reason, I’m still good with that.  And I’m not ready to quit my day job. 

It’s interesting to see how the concept of networking can work.  I’ve been attempting to network for years.  It never seems to pay off.  Now it feels like it could.  So in the interest of obtaining materials at a cheaper cost, I’m investigating buying yarns at wholesale prices.  Buying wholesale generally means buying a large quantity.  And that means that I have to store yarn somewhere.  I suppose the shed could work for storage, although I never intended it to store yarn.

I can put Packett in charge of the warehouse.  Aureus can sign for deliveries.  Daisy can be in charge of counting inventory. 

And I can rake in the money on sales. 

I like the concept.

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5 Responses to “Owl Tree Gallery in Lenoir City, TN”

  1. Simba Says:

    Maybe Bob-Ra can keep the mice out of the yarn. Is that a yarn or a tale. Now I remember Bob-Ra has no tale.


  2. ruthrawls Says:

    Very clever of you!


  3. kari Says:

    *Great* idea!!! Why not Etsy? Handcrafted items command big $ (to me) on there. I am so excited for you!! 🙂


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Etsy is next! The gallery idea works out really well for me because I don’t have to store anything. I just ship it off. It’s a win-win situation so far. She has stuff for the gallery and I don’t have to store anything. Space is a real issue for me here.


  4. Becky Says:

    You are on your way, you felting diva! Pretty items, too. “Facebook – it’s not just for socialization anymore!!”


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