The Girl Reserve Club, Mid-1930’s


The Girl Reserve Club of Lenoir City, mid 1930's

“Girl Reserve Club members will entertain the visiting teams at the East Tennessee Boys Regional basketball tournament in Lenoir City.  The tournament opens Wednesday.  They are: left to right, front row:  Bebe Ann Mills, Mary Alice McNew, Frances Hall, Alene Jones, Mary Ellen Wilkerson, Myra Miles Lewis; Second row, Betty Hand, Ernestine Lewis, Violet Breazeale, Jo Scarbrough, Velma Brown, Jeannette Connor; Third row, Mrs. Geneva Clement (sponsor), Frances Maher, Geneva McNew, Alice Ann Ghormley, Alice Blackburn; Back row, Lucile Kerley, Charlotte Armstrong, Genevieve Burnette, Evelyn Packet, Mildred Ingram and Nadine Blankenship.”

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4 Responses to “The Girl Reserve Club, Mid-1930’s”

  1. Simba Says:

    I certainly don’t mean this in any sort of derogatory manner, but I wonder what is meant by entertaining the visiting teams? Would they have been a sort of cheerleading squad for the visitors? Maybe they were more like guides to make sure the visitors could get around town?


  2. kari Says:

    Probably serving cake and punch?

    Nana Rawls looks peppy in this picture.

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