Letter to “Polly” Packett, 12/20/1935

Polly Packett
Dearest Evelyn

L.C.H.S.  12/20/’35

Dearest Evelyn,

I’m in no mood for study this morning, so I’m going to do a little discoursing with you.

I just want to tell you that I heard so many nice things about your jokes this time, so you see your work is appreciated.  I appreciate your work very much.  As I’ve told you before, I don’t see how I could get along without you.

I’m wishing for you the merriest and most joyous Christmas you’ll ever have.  I want you to know that you have my love always and my best wishes for you in every way.

Don’t ever get in the dumps ’cause you think you’re no good, etc.  You’re most certainly a grand girl, and God gives everyone a talent, and you’re not left out.  So just keep a smilin’.  You’ll amount to something, my dear.

You’ve been nicer to me and more help to me than anyone I know in my work, and I appreciate it more than you know, and I’ll always be your friend.

Good luck to you always; God bless you with the choicest of blessings.  That’s the best Xmas wish I know.

Very sincerely,

Annie Lou


(Annie Lou is Annie Lou Overton, the editor of the high school newspaper.  My mother was an associate editor and wrote jokes for the paper.)

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2 Responses to “Letter to “Polly” Packett, 12/20/1935”

  1. kari Says:

    That Annie Lou was an encourager!

    On a different note, I really need to start keeping letters and cards I receive. What a treasure to be able to read these. Maybe my kids will see one day that I wasn’t so bad after all.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      I kept every card and letter for each child in a shoebox. When they moved out, they got the shoebox. By then, many of the cards and letters were written by people who were since deceased. So the shoebox was like a time machine from the past. It is a relief to have an outlet to share these things.


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