Letter from France, James Packett, Sept 23 1918

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Sept 23 1918

Dear Wife

Will ans your sweet letter.  I just rec and was glad to hear from you and baby.  And was glad to hear that you were boughth well.  Well darling this leaves me well hoping that when you recieve this letter it will find you all well.  Darling you said that you had not heard from me since I had been over here.  There is no reason why you should not hear from me.  For I have wrote you to or three letters a week since I landed here.  Darling I guess you think that I have forgotten you but I have not.  I think of you and baby all of the time and would like to be with you all tonight for you know that I love you better than anyone in the world.  So darling don’t worry about me for I am well and will write you every time I have an opportunity.  Darling you know that I don’t have much time to write.  You are the only one that I have wrote to except Lula (line illegible) letter yet.  I received a letter from Lula about three weeks ago.  And I answered it at once.  Darling I am sorry that you have not got your allotment yet for I know that you need the money.  I am going to send you some money just as soon as I get vayed off.  I am going to take to send you my money just as soon as I get it.  For we don’t need any money over here.  We get all we want to eat.  And plenty of good clothes.  And all of the smoking tobbacco that we want issued to us.  So what do we need with any money.  But darling that is not yet like being home with you.  If I was only at home with you and baby tonight.  I would be the happiest man in the world.  Darling I would send you one of my pictures if I could find any place to have one made but I have not had a picture made since I have been in the army.  But the first time I have an oppertunity I will have some pictures taken and will send you one.  I would like to have one of yours and babys made together for I study about you all so much that I can shut my eyes and amagine that I can see you.  Tell Lucile that she ought to see her brother n law now.  He is getting so fat that you can hardly see his eyes.  Darling I got weighed yesterday and I weighed 177 lbs so you may know that I am in good health.  So be a good girl and take care of your self and baby and don’t worry about me for I don’t think that it will be very long before I will be with you for all of the boys are all in the best of heart.  I will close for this time hoping to hear from you very soon.  I am yours as ever your loving husband.

James Packet

Pvt James Packet Company A

2nd Corps Artillery Park

American Armed Forces

Via New York          

American P.O.

(signed) Capt. FRWilliams


(Yet another handwriting…)

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