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The John Rutledge Home in Charleston, SC

October 21, 2009
The John Rutledge Home

The John Rutledge Home

This home, built before

the American Revolution,

was the residence of

John Rutledge (1739-1800)

first Governor of the

State of South Carolina.

He was President of South

Carolina 1776-1778, and

Governor 1779-1782, signer

of the U.S. Constitution

1787, Chief Justice of

South Carolina 1791-1795,

and Chief Justice of the

United States 1795.  The

house was altered in 1853

by P.H. Hammarskold, who

added the ornamental iron.


This home is now a bed and breakfast.  In the photo above, you can see the shadow of some of the ornamental iron referred to on the historical plaque.  We were out-and-about in Charleston on a Sunday.  It was a mild fall day, and the sound of church bells rang out midday. 

A man approached us with a story that he had just walked to Charleston from an outlying island.  He had received a telephone call that his daughter had eaten shrimp and was in the hospital, but that he had been told the wrong hospital, and now had to walk to another hospital because his wife had the car.  His cell phone was out of minutes, and he had no friend or relative to assist him.  Sugar offered him $10.  The man’s thin hand trembled as he reached for it, and he God-blessed us and called us believers, and then asked us if we could give him $2 more.  We politely declined. 

We were obviously touring the city, although we were locals.  So we were familiar with the city, the outlying barrier islands, the infrastructure, and the types of foods that were available.  The man told a pretty good story.  What the man did not remember was that he had approached Sugar last year with the same story – sick daughter, shrimp reaction, walked many miles, wrong hospital, no money.