One of the many pleasures of taking care of little rescue animals is the added thrill of the unknown.  In addition to fleas, ticks, heartworm, malnutrition, and intestinal parasites, there’s an occasional lucky moment when you discover *RINGWORM*!  Bonus points!

Puppy: "It's like the heartbreak of psoriasis."

Puppy: "It's like the heartbreak of psoriasis."

Ringworm is actually not a worm, but a fungus, and there are numerous internet sites with information about it.  The last time I encountered a case of ringworm was in a motherless litter of four kittens.  I took them to the local spay/neuter clinic to be spayed once they got old enough to be spayed/neutered, and the clinic refused to do the surgery because of *RINGWORM*.  Bonus!  They got to live in my master bath for two more weeks until the clinic had more vacancies and I got the ringworm cleared up. 

The best treatment I have tried, without fail, is to use a dilute solution of Chlorox and water to dab on the spots.  (Use rubber gloves, people!)  Then rinse the area with plain water.  You can continue this treatment for a few days, and you should see improvement quickly.  (I’m not a vet but I play one on television…) 

This little pup is one of the litter of ten pulled from under the old house.  She’s in good health, except for the ringworm, which should clear up soon, and then she’s ready for adoption!  This one reminds me of Flannery.  I’ve been able to place the rest locally, but I might have to foster this one until I can find a home for her. 

The Pup's Alma Mater with two-lane highway

The Pup's Alma Mater on two-lane highway

If the pups hadn’t been pulled out from under this house, they would surely have ended up on the highway.  There’s a lot of logging in this area, and the log trucks fly through here.  The photo shows one out of two of the highways that the mother dog was crossing to get food. 
Sometimes things in the universe mysteriously converge for the better.  And a little networking doesn’t hurt.
Pup and friend share their lunch

Pup and friend network over a power lunch

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2 Responses to “Ringworm!”

  1. Simba Says:

    Seems to me the last time you encountered a case of ringworm was with this puppy not with a litter of cats. Anway, isn’t this something that can be caught from contact, and if so I wonder why the siblings had no instances of ringworm? Further I wonder how this one caught it? Does it live in the soil for extended periods, or did this one pup come in contact with some other carrier?


  2. ruthrawls Says:

    I stand corrected.
    Ringworm is definitely contagious. The large spot in the photo is the largest one I’ve seen. In the past, I’ve seen very small patches, sometimes undetectable initially and often mistaken for a flaky skin condition. With the kittens, only one had ringworm and the skin wasn’t flaky. There were only a couple of small hairless areas.
    It’s possible that some of the other pups had it, but it wasn’t easily evident.


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