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Not Fun and Not Funny

October 18, 2009

Today was supposed to be the first day of a new term at my happy little universityette, endearingly referred to by those creative forces in the Business-Department-Naming-Club as… wait for it…”Fall II”. 

I say “supposed” because it never actually happened.  Oh, I went, alright.  However, in the topsy-turvy world of higher education, things go a little whoopsy sometimes.  It’s hard to be a world-class university when no one actually informs the professors that class is in session. 

I had a meeting with my advisor this past Tuesday evening.  I discussed the fact that I did not choose to take the “Advanced Human Resources” elective class taught by ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s dummy Walter, since it was, after all, an “elective”.  Nor did I choose to take the other “elective” called Entrepreneurship.  Apparently, the word “elective” was just a fun little descriptive word.  It seems that I have to take three upper-level “electives”.  I’ve already had two.  And since taking Advanced Human Resources would happen as soon as hell turns into an ice rink, that left me with Entrepreneurship. 

I was attentive this week.  I checked my university account daily, checking for assignments or perhaps winning the lottery.  On Thursday, I found that there was an assignment.  Oh, the joy!  I read the assignment for the first three chapters.  I even double-checked the class time.  All was good.  I was to be on time for the class at 1:00 PM. 

I arrived at the classroom five minutes early.  But the door was already closed!  I looked in the door’s glass window, and saw, to my horror, Mr. Ventriloquist’s Dummy at the desk in front of a full class room of my co-horts.  Had the morning class been held over, all the way through lunch?  Was the earth rotating backwards? 

I didn’t go in the classroom, but kept going to the end of the hall where there was a lounge area where I could set up my laptop.  One of my classmates came out of the class and announced that the class in Advanced Human Resources was ready to start.  I told him that I wasn’t taking that one.  I was here for Entrepreneurship.  He said that the schedules got mixed up and some of the professors didn’t show, so they decided to have the Entrepreneurship class that morning, and that I should talk to my advisor in the next classroom. 

Now, I suppose that it’s not too much to want to be noticed, especially since I’m paying tuition and expecting someone to pay attention to little details, like informing said paying student that the classes were switched.  And even if this were a last minute switcheroony, there are several new technologies out called “cell phone” and “email” and “internet”.  The classes even have these new-fangled things called “breaks” during which someone could exercise new technology by calling/emailing/posting me. 

So today, I was all dressed up and nowhere to go.  I could be at a family wedding in NY – RIGHT NOW DAMMIT – but silly me thought that I should go to class.  Every Saturday, for the briefest of moments, I consider dropping out.  Today is no different.