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Letter from Elizabeth “Betsy” Boling Gamble to her daughter Susan “Susie” Gamble Davis, Feb. 22, 1882

October 15, 2009

Knoxville, Tenn                 Feb. 22, 1882

Mrs. S. J. Davis

Dear Daughter

I take the present opportunity to write to you in answer to yours of January the 8th whitch come to hand and and found us as you will see here.  I am as well as I am for common.  Lizzie is not vary well at the present.  Dave Johnson’s family is as well as common & Sallie has neuralgia this winter.  She is vary fleshy.  H. H. Gamble and Eveline & little Hute Landon and E(???) Caroline, and Gilford Martheys Charity was all in town last Thursday.  All the conexion out there is well but Andy Davises little Hugh he has the fever.  He was getting better when they was here.  Huts Tish was married to Jack Ray the 12th of this month.  I was sorry that Lark went so far away from thair.  I wanted you all to stay close together.  I would like to see you all once more.  I will have them pictures soon as I can and send them to you.  Caleb Smith and Em has gone to Chattanooga.  I have not herd from them cinc they left.  I am at Maggies to night.  She is the wrighter of this letter.  I have moved in town.  I am deviding the time of stay at Lizzie’s part of my time at Mag’s and Sallie the rest.  Tell Dock and Matt I would like to hear from them.  I want them to write to me.  I have not forgotten them if they have me.  I will close asking you to write soon and often.  I would like to see Jane and Marthy and her family.  I hope Jane will hold out faithful to the last & hoping this will find you all in good health.  I close from

Your Mother

                Elizabeth Gamble

To Susie Davis

                Direct your letters to Knoxville

Mags family is in Tenn

Tolerable well

To night.

AskTheVet about your sneezing cat

October 15, 2009

Does my sneezing cat have allergies?

Allergies are just one of the main causes of sneezing in cats. There are many factors that may contribute to feline sneezing. For this discussion, I will group them into infectious and non-infectious diseases. Examples of infectious diseases may be viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal. Some forms of infectious diseases may affect other organs of the cat’s body by manifesting other symptoms. Feline herpes virus is a good example because the virus replicates in the nasal passage and ocular area. Examples of non-infectious diseases would be nasal foreign bodies, nasal tumors, or allergies.

If your cat is sneezing, you should look for other symptoms that may warrant the need for a prompt veterinary exam. If your cat has a nasal discharge, cloudy eyes, or bloody discharge, you should have your cat examined immediately. If you suspect your cat is healthy and just has allergies, you should see if there are any environmental factors that could be triggering the sneezing. You may find a correlation between the use of some household cleaners, exposure to second-hand smoke, or seasonal changes to the onset of your feline companion’s sneezing.

The diagnosis of specific allergies may require several trips to your vet, a thorough investigation of your cat’s environment, knowledge of your cat’s vaccination history, and any exposure to other cats. Once you and your veterinarian diagnose allergic sneezing, your cat can receive a treatment plan to help reduce the sneezing.

A successful treatment plan may result from a quick trial of oral antihistamines to more involved cases that may require general anesthesia to allow flushing the nasal sinuses with sterile saline, and/or nasal cultures, and/or nasal endoscopy.

Disclaimer: This section is provided for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for regular veterinary care through a licensed veterinarian, including regular office visits.