One little, two little, three little indians…

Sir Richard of Garnett

Sir Richard of Garnett

Last week Richard called with another crazy Garnett animal story.  It seems that a mother dog has given birth under an old abandoned house on the other side of the village, and she was crossing two highways to get to an area where she can scrounge food.  Richard started taking food to her, but she was skittish and wouldn’t let him get near.  He was getting concerned that the puppies would start to come out from under the house as they got older, and get killed on the road.  So he makes a grand scheme to trap the mother and puppies.

Using the same dog trap that we used to trap Flannery, he and Sugar set it up by the old house.  They can hear the sounds of the puppies underneath the house but can’t actually see them.  The mother wouldn’t go into the trap so Sugar takes Richard home and drops him off, then drives back by the old house on the way home. 



She’s in the trap!  And he goes back to pick up Richard so that they can transport her to Richard’s house.  When they arrive back at the old house, they realize that the puppies won’t come out.  Richard crawls under the house and retrieves a total of nine – count ’em – nine puppies!  That’s an amazing amount of puppies for one litter!  And they transport everyone back in the MPV – otherwise known as the Multi Pet Vehicle – and everyone goes into the enclosure that Richard built connected to his house in his backyard. 

The Garnett Hilton

The Garnett Hilton

Richard, ever resourceful, has created a shelter for the family from an old non-functioning refrigerator.  He put it on its side and swung the doors completely open so that they rest on top. 

The next morning, when Richard gets up, the mother is gone.  She has broken out and leaped over the porch railing.  On a hunch, Richard went back to the old house.  Sure enough, the mother is there, nursing a puppy. 


One last puppy, bigger than all the others, knew to hide from the men.  He never made a sound, but must have been lonely and cold that night.  The mother risked life and limb to get back to him.  She left the others in a safe haven to take care of the lost lamb.


The family is now reunited.  Had they stayed at the old house, it wouldn’t have been long before they ventured out and into the highway.  Richard saved the day. 

You know you want one

You know you want one

This little girl is the runt.  The others are twice as big as she is, and the mother is not nursing her very well.  Richard is hand-feeding her, but we’re not sure she’ll make it.  Whatever the outcome at Richard’s house, it’s safe to say that she wouldn’t have made it at all if she’d stayed by the highway.

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6 Responses to “One little, two little, three little indians…”

  1. dclark1983 Says:

    If you lived in Georgia, I could find good homes for those babies. They are absolutely adorable.


  2. dclark1983 Says:

    I am in Thomson, GA… I own a Pet Store, but I am connected with several rescues and I do pet adoptions at my store along with helping adopt pets to good homes, without a fee. I am a firm believer in adopting rescues. All of my dogs are rescues.


  3. dclark1983 Says:

    most certainly! 1419 Washington Rd. Thomson, GA 30824


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    […] A Bumper Crop By ruthrawls Sir Richard has done it again.  […]


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