Dog Haiku

Here’s a clever little haiku written by our guest poet Sugar.

Dogs of summer beg

For toast.  I grumble and fuss.

Crumbs are ev’rywhere…


The haikumania started when I entered Kyle the Turtle in the Bluffton Today Top Dog contest.  I was inspired to write a turtle haiku, and then haiku madness started.  We were haiku-ing like crazy.  No scrap piece of paper was safe.  As a result I had piles of little bits of paper with haikus written everywhere. 

The haiku that started it all was about Kyle the Turtle.  I sent the haiku to the online newspaper’s blog, so I can rightly claim that I am a published poet.  Heh.

Turtle of summer

Dances with dogs on Bluffton

Today’s Top Dog Blogs.

Poor Kyle did not win.  I wonder if it was because of the haiku….


3 Responses to “Dog Haiku”

  1. kari Says:

    Is Sugar home schooled? 🙂


  2. ruthrawls Says:

    No, but greatly self-educated! Free thinker and all that.


  3. kari Says:

    even better!


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