Prepare for the end

My Big Bro

My Big Bro

I found this picture of my big brother while I was going through my mother’s things.  She pretty much saved everything.  This picture was unnamed and undated, but I know that this is one of my older brothers, and I’m guessing that it was taken in the early fifties.  When I scanned the picture in the computer and enlarged it, I saw the chain around his neck and I was guessing that he had someone’s dog tags.  I thought that was humorous, that the little scamp had taken someone’s dog tags.  When I asked him about it, he said the chain held his own dog tags.  He further said that this was after World War II, and the threat of an atom bomb being dropped on America felt very real.  All school children were required to wear dog tags as their identification so that their bodies could be identified in case of an attack.

Not quite so humorous when viewed in that light.

5 Responses to “Prepare for the end”

  1. Simba Says:

    I started school in September 1942 in northern New York and continued on until I graduated in 1954. Never was I required or encouraged to wear any identification of any sort during my school days. This apparently was a state requirement in your home state, but not in New York. Interesting yet! I did have to wear them from 1955 through 1970 though.


  2. kari Says:

    Very sobering


  3. ruthrawls Says:

    Here’s another thought – maybe “Bro” really did swipe someone’s dog tags and made up the story about wearing them as body ID in case of an attack.


  4. kari Says:


    Now HE would NEVER stretch the truth to make a story more interesting…….


  5. ruthrawls Says:

    Kari, to sum up your comment in one word: “HAMLICK”!!


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