Gus’s Hot Dogs

We come from afar

We come from afar (no, we are not Southern firefighters returning home from work)

One of the highlights of our New York trip earlier this year was a field trip to Gus’s Hot Dog Stand.  Don’t ask me where it is.  We took the scenic route.  My brother drove and cursed the traffic.  Yes, picture above is scenic.

We had to park a jillion miles away because all the primo parking places were gone.  People were walking in droves to Gus’s.

Gus is patriotic

Gus is patriotic

My sister-in-law warned me not to look past the cashier.  She said the food was delicious, but the sanitation, not so good.  DO NOT BREAK YOUR GAZE WITH THE CASHIER. 
I am inspired to decorate with umbrellas

I am inspired to decorate with umbrellas

The outdoor eating area was made for serious hot dog lovers.  Rows of picnic tables were by the take-out window for easy access.  Get your grub and sit down!
You are here

You are here

At last!  The window to gastonomical paradise!  I’m not sure what the upside-down-Christmas-star meant, but I think it is very forward-thinking for the hot dog stand to have gotten the jump on their Christmas decorating.  Just think of all the time they’ll save during the actual Christmas season.  They can maximize their profits and minimize their labor costs during the holidays by decorating early. 
Two of Gus’s hot dogs equal – maybe – one regular hot dog.  Therefore, you must order 5 or 6 for starters.  With chili.  Take your acid reducer before eating. 
Eat at maximum speed.  Was this just because we were in fast-paced New York or was there an eating contest going on?
Someone from home

Someone from home

I was so excited to see someone from Garnett.  My baby boy told me, Nooo Mom.  He said it was pronounced “GarNETT”, and that the man was not actually from Garnett SC.  I believe the man to be an imposter. 
Soon it was our turn to order.  My sister-in-law was right. 
My trip to New York was now complete. 


2 Responses to “Gus’s Hot Dogs”

  1. Simba Says:

    So you found your way to Watervliet, NY. That’s Dutch Country. Recall that New York City was once New Amsterdam, and the Dutch that had settled there worked their way north up the Hudson giving their settlements those quaint names. I don’t think Gus’s was there then, although it may look like it was.


  2. ruthrawls Says:

    Watervliet! Of course! Bro worked at the Watervliet Arsenal. I think Gus’s is a Greek operation, not Dutch.


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