Pig? Who You Calling a Pig?

Once upon a time about 3 years ago, I got a little rescue guinea pig named Greg.  He had been left in a crate on a friend’s front porch with a note:  “I need a home.  My name is Greg.”  My friend already had two guinea pigs and, although they are social animals, three was a little much.  So Greg came to live with me, and I got him some stylish digs in the laundry room.  He was a happy little pig, and he made those happy, whistling little sounds. 

Then a woman I worked for got another guinea pig, a female, to go in with her other pigs.  (She has unresolved pig issues.)  One of the other pigs tried to accost little female piggie and that scared little piggie a lot.  So said co-worker asked me if I would take her.  Scoot over, Greg.

Greg and Gladys lived happily together in unwed cohabitation, until one day another pig arrived.  No, not a baby, but a grown piggie whose parents were getting evicted, and could I please take him?  So Chew-chew made a happy little trio.  I bought an even bigger enclosure for them.  They got along well, even at feeding time, and being pigs, they liked to pig out.  I bought dry chow from time to time, but mostly I fed them fresh veggies, even organic ones when I could get them, and I filtered their water.  Don’t want little piggies drinking anything but the best.  I didn’t even filter my children’s water.  But I digress.

One morning, I approached the habitat with fresh lettuces, like usual, and Greg raced Chew-chew to the food bowl.  And Greg had a stroke.  I swear, he stroked at the buffet.  He fell over on his little piggie side and spun around in a circle.  We promptly went to the vet, who kept him for observation, and Greg slipped onward to piggie heaven later that day.  On a personal note, if I can choose where to stroke, I’ll take “Buffet” for a thousand, Alex.

Guinea pigs don’t live very long, which might be part of the attraction to an adult buying one for a child.  However, a SEVEN year life span is still a very long time.  That kid could be out of high school and finished with college with Mom still taking care of the pig.  So, needless to say, there’s a lot of guinea pigs out there to  be rescued.

So, there’s Gladys and Chewy, still co-habiting.  I had decided that the boys were gay because we should have had babies by now.  I had gone back to college, taking Saturday classes, and I arrived home one Saturday after about three weeks of classes.  Chew-chew had a habit of ringing a bell to greet me, and then chewing on the bars of the cage in anticipation of food.  (With pigs, it’s all about the food.)  He hadn’t been going thru that routine for a few days, and he seemed lethargic.  I looked into the guinea pig habitat, and I shrieked.  Someone had apparently come thru the front gate, braved their way thru 4 dogs, and dropped a handful of colorful mice babies into the guinea pig habitat.  

Wrong.  Not mice, but baby guinea pigs.  And Chew-chew looked exhausted, like he had done all the work (typical).  He rested, slumped into the corner.  On Sunday, I got home from work, and Gladys and the babies were fine.  But Chew-chew had gone to meet Greg in piggie heaven. 

I still have Gladys.  I found homes for the babies.  And Chew-chew and Greg rest peacefully, the first residents in what will probably come to be the final resting place for other foster animals, here at the Swamped Plantation.

Butterscotch, Chew Jr., Slick, and CrazyHair

Butterscotch, Chew Jr., Slick, and CrazyHair

Doesn’t that make you want a pig?(Thank you credit goes to Sugar for allowing his full-of-pig hands to be photographed.)


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4 Responses to “Pig? Who You Calling a Pig?”

  1. kari Says:

    How cute!

    It does make me want one.


  2. Good Night, Gladdie Gladder « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] with an apparent bladder infection in December.  If you remember, and even if you don’t, Sugar took Gladys to the vet for me.  The vet prescribed a basic antibiotic, and the bloody urine went […]


  3. Pierre Lagacé Says:

    I have got a lot of reading to do…


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