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Daisy Doodle, Little Poodle

July 31, 2009
This is Daisy Doodle, she's a little poodle.  Catchy, huh?

This is Daisy Doodle, she's a little poodle. Catchy, huh?

Daisy was my mother’s dog.  My brother and his wife took care of Daisy during Mom’s declining years and after Mom died.  I got Daisy in December 2004.  We think her mother was a poodle, and her father was a traveling salesman.

This dog is apparently going to live forever.  No one really knows how old she is, and Daisy’s not talking.  For 5 years I’ve been saying that she’s about 17.  Every year, I say she’s 17, because honestly, how can she really be 21 or 22 and still look this good?  It defies imagination.  She’s the best little dog, ever.  She hardly even barks, except when she decides it’s time to come back in, and her funny little bark sounds like a duck, if a duck could bark.  Try it, you know you want to make the sound.  Quark, quark.

She has her own song.  Yes, I made it up.  She’s a little Daisy doodle, she’s a little pretty poodle.  Doodle, doodle, doo-dle, she is Daisy do.  She’s a pretty poo.  And we love her too.  Doodle, doodle, do.

Stop laughing and start singing.  This is serious art.

Black Swamp Plantation

July 31, 2009
The steps of the Black Swamp Plantation house

The steps of the Black Swamp Plantation house

There’s a set of brick steps standing alone at the edge of a field.  It’s all that is left of a plantation known as Black Swamp Plantation.  Sherman’s army captured Savannah, then turned and headed into South Carolina, burning everything in their path.  The steps are a mute testament to a different day and time.  The steps lead nowhere, like the local economy and opportunity.  No one disturbs the steps, but each time I visit there, the old bricks have become more crumbled, and the lizards and snakes whirl away when I approach in summertime.