Neither teenage nor mutant nor ninja…

Kyle out for a morning stroll

Kyle out for a morning stroll

Two weeks ago I acquired, by default, a box turtle.  Some nice tourist folks saved Mr./Ms. Turtle from a parking lot and named him/her Kyle.  They called around to the area vet’s offices, and so now Kyle lives at my place in the woods.  He has his own special yard safe from clumsy dogs and curious cats.  His yard faces east, which is what box turtles are supposed to need according to the internet, and has a shallow watering hole, a ramp for sunning, and sandy soil for digging, with lots of leaf debris. 

Kyle has basically been in hiding for two weeks.  He seemed to enjoy digging under the ramp.  This morning, when I went outside to feed him, I caught him sunning in his watering hole.  By the time I got the camera, he was out of the water and heading for the food. 

You are not supposed to remove a wild turtle from its area.  But Kyle’s area was full of cars, and he had been recently damaged.  There’s a piece of shell missing along the edge above his right front leg, and there’s old damage to the back left edge of the shell, and there’s what looks to be a repaired crack along the top of his shell.  He’s possibly about ten years old, and could live for a very long time. 

I hope he likes cats.


3 Responses to “Neither teenage nor mutant nor ninja…”

  1. kari Says:

    Hi Ruth!!

    Love your blog!! Kyle is so very adorable. I can’t wait to show the kids 🙂


  2. Pierre Lagacé Says:

    Show me someone who loves turtles and I will show you someone who loves people.
    Cats too..


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