Knittin’ and sittin’ on Resurrection

Sylvia pauses during her workday

Sylvia pauses during her workday

Sometimes I’m knittin’.  And sometimes I’m sittin’.  But anytime I’m home, I’m on Resurrection Road.  I’ve never seen a roadway of any kind named Resurrection, and it’s a little bit unnerving to live on such an unusual road name.  What could have possessed the powers that be to name a road Resurrection?

I’ve lived here about a year.  It’s quiet, most of the time, and it’s remote.  There are lots of trees here, and some wildlife.    I own a small plot of land, rectangular in shape, about an acre and a half that is fronted with roads on three sides.  If you were to draw the lot on paper, the rectangle is lying on its side, with the west and south sides bordered by Resurrection.  The east side is bordered by another road, which is the main road.  My entire lot is wooded with pines, sweet gums, maples, and wax myrtles, and the ground is thick with the leaf debris of many years.  My sandy driveway slips between two towering pines, and ends in a clearing in the woods where I live.  My life is very simple.  I live in a twenty-five-year-old RV.  It’s the driveable kind, called a Class A, and it’s actually driveable.  But I don’t drive it anywhere.  It sits, along with me, here on Resurrection.

Need Resurrection?

I chose to come here to live in July 2008.  I’ve owned the land since July 2007, and have been gradually developing it with the intent to build someday.    But for now, I basically have everything I need.  Electricity and water?  Check.  Bed?  Check.  Table and chair?  Check.  Refrigerator and microwave?  Check.  I gave away most of my belongings.  An RV comes with most everything you need.  I have peace and quiet, simplicity, and room to breathe. 

The eastern third of the lot is fenced in.  Outside the fenced area, I established a feral cat colony in the woods.  Sylvia, the formal feral cat, decided not to live in the woods, but chose to slip inside the fenced area by sliding between the gate and the gatepost.  She’s a funny little cat, petite and slim but a relentless watcher of wildlife, like butterflies and falling leaves. 

The last year has been an interesting journey.  The next year promises to be just as interesting.

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15 Responses to “Knittin’ and sittin’ on Resurrection”

  1. Amanda Says:

    You should be a writer. I like your style


  2. ruthrawls Says:

    You so crazy.


  3. Pierre Lagacé Says:

    You are a writer.


  4. Pierre Lagacé Says:

    A reblogué ceci sur Our Ancestors and commented:
    about resurrection…


  5. Pierre Lagacé Says:

    Comment made by one of my readers…

    Ah Pierre!
    You find some neat posts!
    This person certainly has a way with words……….
    I like it!
    Reminds us how little we need of the all of the “stuff” we have.
    Simplicity and peacefulness!


  6. gpcox Says:

    You write just a tad too well, you’ve made me jealous – just how much room is left on Resurrection? I adore cats as well. It’s a pleasure to meet you and I must thank Pierre Lagace for reblogging this.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Thank you for your words of praise! There’s loads of room on Resurrection! But it’s primitive here.
      Here’s the funny thing about my writing/blogging: I had a college class assignment to create a blog. I’ve re-read a lot of my early posts, and the blog really had no direction; I was simply writing about random stuff. The blogging gurus say to know who your audience is and write to them. Well, *I’m* my audience. It took a while for me to realize that I can write about three basic things: yarn, animals, and dead people, not necessarily in that order.
      You’ll see, as you read more of the blog (assuming you do), that I become a better writer.


      • Pierre Lagacé Says:

        Who needs a guru?
        I can read your soul and it puts a smile on my face.


      • gpcox Says:

        I’ve heard that bit about ‘know your audience’ a hundred times & I found that writing to other people doesn’t work – especially in a blog – I answer just about all the comments posted for that.


  7. Pierre Lagacé Says:

    From my favorite blogger…

    Thanks for reblogging this, Pierre. I’m getting a kick out of that site.

    She has a blog about her father who was a Pacific paratrooper.


  8. Pierre Lagacé Says:

    Now I remember who you are!

    Senior moments!


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